What can I do if the lug or buckle of my strap is loose or broken?

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First off, to avoid breaking your strap's lugs and your Apple Watch, be sure to install the lugs of the strap in the insets of your Apple Watch correctly! The side of the lug with a rubber pad in the center that can be pushed down should face up when the lug is installed in your watch. If your strap is installed upside down, your strap may get stuck inside your watch.

All the screws in our straps are hand tightened and secured with Loctite in our factory before shipping to you. If the buckle or lugs come loose, please email support@nomadgoods.com and we will arrange to send you replacement hardware for your strap at no cost.

Be sure to re-install the replacement hardware in the correct orientation when you receive it. Rubber pad side up!

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