What are the measurements of Sport Band?

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The measurements of Nomad's Sport Band are listed here to help you find the perfect strap to fit your wrist. Our sizes are one size fits most. We do not offer any custom sizes, custom products, or custom combinations of lugs and straps.

41mm Sport Band

  • 20.7cm x 3.18cm x 0.08cm | 0.025 kg
  • Length: Ranges from 125mm to 170mm
  • 95mm length (pin side) and 135mm length (adjustment side)

45mm Sport Band

  • 23.5cm x 3.5cm x 0.08cm | 0.031 kg
  • Length: Ranges from 150mm to 210mm
  • 77mm length (buckle side) and 120mm length (adjustment side)

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