How can I resize my Titanium / Steel Band to fit my wrist?

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Resizing Your Metal Band | Video & Instruction Guide

Check out the instructional video below for a step by step breakdown of how to remove links from and resize your metal band correctly.

Note: We’ve updated a few details on our Metal Bands since making this video, don’t worry if you notice some differences!

Here’s what we’ve updated: There is now only one pin-hole per link on each band for easier removal and installation of links. Packaging now provides more protection for the strap and includes an updated version of the tool shown in the video. The tool is inlaid in the box, and the bag is no longer included.

  1. The metal band has arrows indicating the direction in which the pin is to be pushed outward. Do not go against this.
  2. Adjust the round platform on the bottom of the link removal tool to align the needle with the link pinhole.
  3. Make sure your watch band is level on the round platform and the pin you want to remove is lined up with the needle, with the arrows pointing towards the slit and away from the needle.

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