What do the LEDs on Base Station Hub with Apple Watch Charger Mount indicate?

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The LED lights indicate charging status. Quickly receive visual confirmation if your phone is charging, or already fully charged. 

  • LED light is on, and is a solid color. Your device is recognized and charging
  • LED light is on, and is blinking. Your device is not recognized by the charger, and should be removed.

When your device is fully charged, the LED may turn off after a while to save energy. LEDs remain off when there are no devices charging. There is also an integrated ambient light sensor that dims the LEDs at night while your devices are charging to minimize distraction and maximize your recharging time as well!

The three LEDs on the front of the charging pad are associated with the three internal wireless charging coils of the Base Station, with the left most LED associated with the left most coil and so on. The LEDs will not indicate when a device is charging via the back USB-A or USB-C ports on any Base Stations.

Please refer to the picture below for the layout of the inner wireless charging coils inside the Base Station (Hub, Apple Watch, and Hub with Apple Watch Charging Mount Editions).

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