Will a MagSafe charger leave a ring on my Rugged Case with MagSafe?

Updated 2 months ago by Kristin

Because of the genuine Horween leather on the Rugged Case and Rugged Folio with MagSafe and its propensity to develop a patina over time, if you frequently use your MagSafe charger, you may notice a subtle patina ring on the back of the case. This is completely normal.

Additionally, the MagSafe magnets sometimes attract magnetic dust that can leave a dark ring on cases. This is typically negligible on the darker cases, but on Natural cases can become very apparent. If you think this would bother you, we suggest selecting a case with a darker leather.

The Rugged Case and Rugged Folio with MagSafe in Black may cause a subtle black stain on the white MagSafe charger. If you prefer to avoid this, we recommend opting for the Rustic Brown or Natural leather options instead.

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