My phone is stopping and starting charging while on Base Station Pro (firmware V1.1.0)

Sarah Shoemaker Updated by Sarah Shoemaker

According to Aira's engineers, iPhone starting and stoping charging throughout the night/charging process is considered to be normal behavior for Base Station Pro. The charge cycling usually occurs when Base Station Pro senses that too much heat is being created during the charging process. It will drop the power output for your phone to the lowest levels possible to allow both the phone and the charging surface to cool down before increasing the power output again to charge faster. The charge cycling usually occurs after the phone reaches 80% battery. You can expect Base Station Pro on the current firmware V1.1.0 to take 3 to 4 hours to charge iPhone 12 Pro Max from 0-80% and anywhere from 3 to 8 hours to charge the last 80-100% battery.

To avoid charge cycling, we recommend keeping your Base Station Pro in a room that is below 72º F or 22º C. Charge cycling is also more likely to occur when multiple devices are charging simultaneously. Aira’s team of engineers is currently working on improving the time to charge the last 80-100% battery for the iPhone 12 series and releasing the improvements in a future firmware update.

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