How can I update my Base Station Pro's firmware?

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Easily update the FreePower™ firmware on your Base Station Pro by downloading the FreePower Updater application to your computer and connecting your Base Station Pro to a Mac or Windows computer. FreePower™ firmware releases will provide charging improvements, bug fixes, and additional device compatibility.

Check out our demonstration on YouTube or follow the outlined steps below.

  1. Download the FreePower Updater for either MacOS or Windows here.
  2. From your computer's downloads, open the FreePower Updater.
  3. Double Click the FreePower Updater application in the window pop up.
  4. If you receive the notification “FreePower Updater” is an app downloaded from the Internet. Are you sure you want to open it? then proceed and click Open.
  5. Follow the directions in the application to connect your Base Station Pro to your computer. The updater will automatically recognize when the Base Station Pro is properly connected.
  6. Initiate the firmware update. Disconnect your Base Station Pro only when the application instructs you to do so.
  7. To download future updates, just open the previously downloaded FreePower Updater on your computer and connect your Base Station Pro to check for new updates.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I need a computer to update my Base Station Pro's firmware?

Yes, you will need a computer that supports either MacOS 10.13 or newer or Windows 10. The FreePower Updater application is not supported for phones, iPads, or tablets.

What if my computer does not have a USB-C port that supports my Base Station Pro's cable?

If your computer does not have a USB-C port, you still have a couple of options for connecting your Base Station Pro.

1. If you have a USB-C to USB-A cable on hand, then you can use that cable to connect your Base Station Pro to your computer's USB-A port.

2. If you do not have a USB-C to USB-A style cable, then you can use a hub or adapter that has a USB-A attachment or cable and a USB-C port to connect your Base Station Pro.

The FreePower Updater is not recognizing my properly connected Base Station Pro. What now?

If your Base Station Pro is not recognized by the FreePower Updater application when properly connected, first disconnect your Base Station Pro from your computer. Then uninstall and remove the FreePower Updater application from your computer. Download the most recent version of the FreePower Updater here and retry the updating process.

If you are still experiencing issues with the FreePower Updater, please email for help.

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