Leather Case does not fit my phone

Our leather products are made from 100% natural leather from the Horween Tannery in Chicago. And just like a good pair of shoes, our leather cases may need a short break in period. Once you place the case on your phone, if you notice the buttons are tight, just give the phone a few squeezes on the button locations to loosen up the leather. Try squishing the case on and around your phone to "compress" the leather case and "mold" it to your phone. We have find that this is the most effective method for alleviating any tightness of the Leather Case.

With regular use, the case should break in and work great.

If you are noticing that the indentations for the buttons on your Leather Case do not line up correctly with the buttons on your device, you may have received a rare defective case. Please visit the Warranty tab at www.hellonomad.com/support to start a warranty claim for your case and describe the issue to us.

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