Start a Warranty Claim

Updated 2 years ago by Kristin

Use this checklist to ensure you have everything you need to complete your warranty claim. Then, head over to our online Warranty Center.

  1. If you purchased the item from, have your order number ready. If you purchased from an authorized Nomad reseller, have either your confirmation email or a proof of purchase ready to attach to the warranty claim form.
  2. Take a picture or record a video of the issue that you're experiencing with your Nomad gear to attach to the warranty claim form. Pictures and videos help a lot when our Customer Support team is diagnosing and troubleshooting product issues. Attaching demonstrative pictures or videos to your warranty claim form will help us to help you better!
  3. Our Customer Support team will review your warranty claim form and respond via email as soon as possible. We may offer additional troubleshooting steps before proceeding.
  4. If your warranty claim form is approved, we will exchange the defective item for a brand new and working replacement of the same item when possible. Nomad will cover any return shipping fees.

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