How can I track my international package?

Sometimes USPS will not provide tracking updates after the order leaves the US. Once the package is received in the recipient country, it is passed onto the local mail carrier so USPS may stop updating the tracking information. If you are unsure of which local mail carrier will be responsible for your package, you can try searching your tracking number here once the order has left the US.

Unfortunately, we only have access to the same tracking information that you do. Our support team is not always able to contact the local mail carriers in other countries due to language barriers.

If there are clearance delays, it is likely that duties are required to claim the package. Please contact your local Post Office for the necessary information to claim your package. If you have not received any notice of your package's location after 6 weeks of your order date, then it is possible that your package was lost in transit. In this case, please contact for help.

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