Will my phone case impede wireless charging on my Base Station Pro?

Sarah Shoemaker Updated by Sarah Shoemaker

All Nomad cases are compatible with Base Station Pro. However, we do not recommend using a wallet style case where cards are stored on the back of the phone. Credit Cards, metallic cards, RFID cards, metal or magnetic plates, grips, or other similar items stored in or on the back of your phone case or between the back of the phone and the case may be damaged and/or impact wireless charging performance.

However, folio style cases, like our Modern Leather Folio, are fully compatible with all of our wireless chargers as the cards and other items are stored on the front of the phone as opposed to the backside where wireless charging will occur.

Most cases, in general, are compatible with Nomad wireless charging devices. Please check your specific case brand's website to ensure that the case may be used while wirelessly charging.

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