What do the lights on the Charging Wallet mean?

The lights are meant to indicate battery level, but may need some more explanation. Below are the version specific instructions.

Our first version of Charging Wallet has four lights (no button) that indicate that the item is charging and how much power the battery has. These lights come on when Charging Wallet is plugged into your iPhone. Each light is roughly 25% of the battery (i.e. 3 full and one blinking would mean that it is charged, and still charging, at somewhere between 75 and 100%). While charging, the lights will signal and blink for 8 seconds and then power off as to not be distracting while charging at night. This may cause confusion about if the device is charging or not, simply plug in your iPhone to test this out. 

Our second version of Charging Wallet has one light and a button that, when pressed, signals the lights to display charge level. With the single LED charge is indicated by how many times the light blinks. It will blink 4x when full, 3x when between 75 and 100%, 2x when between 50 and 75%, and 1x when between 0 and 25%. 

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