What if my passenger doesn't have a wireless charging device?

If you have any interest in using a charging cable for a passenger that doesn't have a wireless charging enabled device, buying a USB splitter is the best solution that we've found by far. 

We recommend using a splitter that has one side for charging and one side for data, like the Onvian USB Splitter from Amazon:


During our most recent tests, we were able to successfully use USB splitters in the left, right, and both front console USB ports to solve this issue with no adverse affects on the power output from the wireless charging pad. By using a USB splitter in one of the front console USB ports, one of the Wireless Charger's power cables can be plugged into the car and the other can be plugged into the splitter (which is plugged into the car's second USB port), leaving an open port in the USB splitter for a flash drive or charging cable. The Wireless Charger's power-on sequence works flawlessly while its power cables are plugged into either the front console or a USB splitter. Please note that the Wireless Charger works while plugged into two USB splitters, but does not work when both power cables are plugged into a single USB splitter.

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