Which cable is right for me?

Have an iPhone or other Apple devices? 

Lightning Cable is your best minimalist yet durable, long-lasting option.

Battery Cable will give you power on the go. 

Have several different devices to keep charged? 

Universal Cable will charge all your Lighting, Micro USB, and USB-C devices with just one cable.

Looking for a fast charging option or a cable for your Macbook? 

60W USB-C Cable uses USB Power Delivery profile 4, which supports 5V @ 2A, 12V, 20V @ 3A (60W Total output) for a fast charging experience.

100W USB-C Cable will charge your type C Macbook OR MacBook Pro using USB Power Delivery profile 5, which supports 5V @ 2A, 12V, 20V @ 5A (100W Total output)

Universal USB-C Cable will charge any USB-C or Micro USB device using 20AWG fast charging through USB-C or USB 2.0 charging through legacy USB-A

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