Which cable is right for me?

You've come to the right place! First, think of the devices you have and what charging tips they require. Lightning tips are mostly used for charging iPhones and AirPods. USB-A ports are mostly used as the input for wall adapters, older computers, and is a widely used port globally. USB-C ports are mostly for Macbooks and smartphones and can also be utilized as the input in some wall adapters. Micro USB tips are mostly used for small devices and older smartphones.

Have an iPhone or lightning tip powered device?

Our Kevlar® Lightning Cables are your best minimalist yet durable, long-lasting option. Battery Cable is ideal for charging lightning port devices while on the go.

Have many devices with different charging ports?

Our Universal Cables will suit those who have many devices that have different charging ports. Universal Cable is designed to charge all your Lighting, Micro USB, and USB-C devices with just one cable.

Looking for a fast charging option or a cable for your Macbook?

Our USB-C PD cables are best for Macbook pushing through 100W of power to your laptop.

Looking for a small accessory to charge your lightning port device?

Our Carbon Carabiner and Key are perfect add-ons to quickly connect and charge your device on the go.

Still not sure what cable is best for you? Reach out directly to support@nomadgoods.com for more suggestions!

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