Why are FreePower™ wireless chargers limited to 7.5W per device?

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An interesting detail Aira learned through benchmarking is that the 7.5W output charge time of FreePower™ is comparable to, and often outperforms, other 10W+ advertised chargers. As it turns out, all wireless chargers – regardless of their stated “maximum” power – use the Qi standard and the devices themselves regulate the amount of power that can be delivered. This helps control the device’s temperature. After a short time, when the charger is at or near the claimed maximum power delivery, it will reduce power and remain well below the stated maximum power (and usually below 5W!) for most of the charging session. Not to mention, Apple devices currently only charge up to 7.5W when wirelessly charging and other device manufacturers are only a few Watts above that.

Rather than adopt a “marketing technique” that references “maximum” power delivery levels that aren’t actually delivered to devices the vast majority of the time, Aira chose to use innovation and technology to achieve more consistent and efficient power delivery. Aira's FreePower™ technology employs dynamic multiple-coil power delivery and sophisticated proprietary algorithms that optimize charge times. As a result, their 7.5W module is on par with, or faster than, most other wireless chargers on the market. However, they are always developing and improving FreePower™, and they expect to release a version in 2021 that charges up to 15W!

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