Horween Leather Care

Will the leather scratch?

Designed with American leather that will scuff and mark. If you always want a perfect finish, this is not the case for you. But, if you are after the perfect authentic leather patina, this is absolut…

Updated 2 years ago

How should I care for my Horween leather strap?

Horween leather will look worn in and weathered (in a very good way) in time. A gentle, damp cloth can help clean the leather, but we don't recommend fully submerging your strap. Untreated leather wi…

Updated 2 years ago

How and when should I use leather conditioner on Horween leather?

Use this leather conditioner to protect your new leather, rejuvenate old leather goods, or for a regular clean and polish on leather you use daily. Start with a very small amount, about the size of a…

Erica Deforge-Zarza
Updated 1 year ago by Erica Deforge-Zarza

What does this leather conditioner do?

Leather conditioner helps to restore natural oils to the leather and gently remove dirt and grime from the leather’s pores. On new leather, this helps to protect the surface from contamination, speed…

Erica Deforge-Zarza
Updated 2 years ago by Erica Deforge-Zarza

Will the leather change over time?

Our Horween leather is vegetable-tanned, imbued with natural waxes and oils, and the surface is not sprayed with a synthetic sealant, allowing it to develop a beautiful patina. For best care, use a q…

Updated 2 years ago

Will sweat ruin my Horween leather strap for Apple Watch?

Sweat will slightly change the color of your Horween leather strap, however this is normal and adds to your unique patina.

Updated 2 years ago

Why do you use Horween leather?

We weighed a lot of options for our Leather sourcing and we decided that Horween's traditional, yet continuously improving processes fit our model perfectly- doing what's right and constantly improvi…

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Are leather products water resistant?

We choose minimally treated leather for all of our products as we believe that natural leather takes on handsome rich character with use and wear. For our Horween leather products, discoloration or d…

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How to Clean and Disinfect Horween Leather

Method One: Soap and Water Lightly moisten a cloth with water and a small amount of soap. Rub the soap on the cloth so that a light lather is created. Lightly clean the leather surface with the soapy…

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