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What are the measurements of the leather straps for Apple Watch?

Find width and length dimensions for our Modern, Active, Traditional, Shell Cordovan, and Modern Slim Straps here.

Updated 2 years ago by Kristin

Will the Modern Strap Slim fit my Apple Watch 38mm Series 1, 2, or 3?

The Modern Strap Slim is designed for Apple Watch 40mm Series 4 & 5. However, this strap will also fit Apple Watch 38mm Series 1, 2, or 3 with a slight lug misalignment. The lugs that connect the Mod…

Updated 2 years ago

Why does the inside of my Shell Cordovan Strap not match the outside?

Each Limited Edition Shell Cordovan Strap has unique markings on the inside of the band. The natural, raw finish of Shell Cordovan leather produces a variety of dark greens combined with original sta…

Updated 2 years ago

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