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What are the dimensions of Base Station Hub Edition?

Base Station Hub Edition's dimensions are as follows: . Length: 16.5 cm. Width: 10.5 cm. Height: 1 cm On its product page, Base Station Hub Edition is pictured with iPhone XS. It weighs 0.4 kg or 0.8…

Updated 3 years ago

Can Base Station Hub Edition wirelessly charge my Apple Watch?

Apple Watches cannot be charged wirelessly on the Base Station Hub Edition.

Updated 1 year ago by Kristin

How many USB ports does Base Station Hub Edition have?

In addition to its wireless charging pad, Base Station has two high output USB ports. The USB-A 7.5W port is suitable to charge any device with your standard USB-A cable. USB-C PD (Power Delivery) 18…

Updated 2 years ago

Will my phone case impede wireless charging on my Base Station Hub?

All Nomad cases *except wallet style cases where cards are stored on the back of the phone* are compatible with our wireless charging devices and Qi wireless power. Credit Cards, metallic cards, RFID…

Updated 2 years ago by Amelia

How can I wirelessly charge two devices on Base Station Hub Edition?

It can be a bit tough at first to find the power connection for two devices on Base Station, but completely possible and expected. In order to charge two devices simultaneously, align each phone on t…

Updated 2 years ago

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