Modern Leather Case & Folio | MagSafe

How thick is the backplate on the Modern Leather Case and Folio with MagSafe?

The backplate on both the Modern Leather Case | MagSafe and Modern Leather Folio | MagSafe is 2.65mm.

Nikki Beil
Updated 6 months ago by Nikki Beil

Will Modern Leather Case or Folio with MagSafe leave any marks on my iPhone?

After installing your Modern Leather Case with MagSafe on your iPhone, you may notice a subtle ring appear on the back of your iPhone once your Modern Leather Case is removed. This ring is completely…

Updated 6 months ago by Kristin

Why does the inside flap of my iPhone 13 Pro Max Modern Leather Folio Stop Short?

The iPhone 13 Series Modern Leather Folio product page shows images of the iPhone 13 Pro. Due to the larger size of the Modern Leather Folio for iPhone 13 Pro Max, the Folio's inside card flap was in…

Madeline Myers
Updated 6 months ago by Madeline Myers

Will a MagSafe charger leave a ring on my Modern Leather Case with MagSafe?

Because of the genuine Horween leather on the Modern Leather Case and Modern Leather Folio with MagSafe and its propensity to develop a patina over time, if you frequently use your MagSafe charger, y…

Updated 2 years ago by Kristin

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