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Will my iPhone charge on a Magsafe charger with a Nomad Modern Leather Case on?

Nomad Modern Leather Cases and Folios will allow the MagSafe charger to align and charge through the case on iPhone 12. Although, the magnetic field isn't strong enough for the charger to snap-on as…

Erica Deforge-Zarza
Updated 9 months ago by Erica Deforge-Zarza

Does the Modern Leather Case support MagSafe card holders?

Modern Leather Case and Modern Leather Folio for the iPhone 12 series do not support Apple's MagSafe card holders. However, our Modern Leather Case | MagSafe and Modern Leather Folio | MagSafe are co…

Updated 9 months ago by Kristin

Can I use a screen protector with the Modern Leather Case?

Our cases are generally compatible with display protectors, especially those that do not have a curved edge. The case has raised edges for increased protection, but they do not sit very far into the…

Updated 9 months ago by Amelia

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