Battery Cable

What does the button on the Battery Cable do?

The button works as a Battery indicator. That way you never leave with a dead battery by mistake! Just press the button and the LED will light up according to the charge the battery has.

Updated 2 years ago

Can I leave my Battery Cable plugged in without harming the battery?

Yes! The cable is safe to be left plugged in without harming the battery :).

Updated 2 years ago

What does the light on the Battery Cable mean?

The light will tell you how much charge your Battery Cable has! The light will be white when the battery is 30-100% charged. Once it dips down below 30%, it will become orange and then it will blink…

Updated 2 years ago

Can the battery be removed from the Battery Cable?

The battery cannot be removed from the cable. The cable is integrated into the battery for convenient on the go charging, that way you only have to take one device with you to charge :)

Updated 2 years ago

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