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Leather Care GuideUpdated 4 months ago

Here at Nomad, we source our leather from two tanneries: Chicago's Horween Leather Company and Danish tannery Ecco. Both leather options are top-quality, but they have a few distinct features. Let's compare them together! 

Nomad x Horween

Our search for quality and craftsmanship brought us to Horween Leather Company, one of the oldest continually operated tanneries in the United States. Horween’s commitment to detail matches our own dedication to quality and craftsmanship. 

Horween leather is minimally treated, preserving many of the natural features of the hide. Rather than correcting for blemishes or color variation, the Horween team embraces these imperfections as signs of authenticity and personality. Their leather is naturally and minimally tanned the old-fashioned way, which can take up to 2 months per batch. This explains Horween's slightly higher price point. 

Nomad x Ecco 

Beginning in 2022, we started working with Ecco, a renowned Danish tannery. Ecco utilizes modern tanning techniques that are adaptable, efficient, and innovative. It looks and smells like authentic leather and will still develop a patina (though it is slightly less susceptible to scratches and marks than our Horween leather). 

The Patina Process

Both Horween and Ecco leather will develop the same rich patina. And what exactly is patina? Patina refers to the process of leather absorbing oils, marks, and scratches over time to develop a rich and lustrous finish totally unique to you. 

When you first receive your leather gear, it will mark and scratch easily. You can rest assured that this is totally normal - and, in fact, a very good thing - and that treating it with care can help reduce the appearance of scratches and marks. 

Learn more about patina in this Nomad blog post

Caring for Your Leather

When you first receive your leather gear, be gentle with it! Avoid sharp surfaces, objects, and any exposure to moisture, and be sure to regularly treat it with a high-quality leather conditioner. We recommend using Leather Conditioner made by Ashland Leather Co

Watch our instructional video below on caring for your leather. 

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