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Metal Band Adjustment GuideUpdated a month ago

If you have one of our Metal Bands, you may need to adjust its size for a comfortable fit on your wrist. In this guide, we'll walk you through removing and adding links to your band. 

Before we get started, let's go over some helpful tips. 

  • The first three links attached to the band's lug have a unique shape and must stay in place. Do not remove these first three links
  • When adding or removing links, be sure to add and/or remove an equal number of links from each side of the band. This will ensure the band centers your Apple Watch on your wrist. 
  1. Open the box and remove the metal adjustment tool from the bottom compartment. 
  2. Underneath the foam holding the Metal Band, you'll find a card with instructions. Keep this handy!
  3. Make sure your band is level on the tool, then line up the hole on the link you want to remove with the pin on the tool. 
  4. Turn the wheel clockwise to move the needle into the link pinhole. Continue turning until the needle is fully inserted in the link. 
  5. The pin will be exposed on the opposite side of the tool. Remove the pin by hand. 
  6. Turn the pin counterclockwise to remove the needle from the link. 
  7. Separate the link from the rest of the band. Take care to set aside the small tube that falls out of the link. It will be used to reassemble the link. 
  8. Repeat these steps until you get the desired length. 

Reassembling your Metal Band

  1. Insert the small tube into the link.
  2. Line up the two halves of the band so they fit into each other. 
  3. Insert the pin through the links as far as you can by hand. 
  4. Turn the wheel counterclockwise until there is enough room to put the silver cap over the needle. 
  5. With the pin inserted, lay your band level on the tool. 
  6. Line the cap up with the pin and turn the wheel clockwise to push the pin back to the link. Stop when the cap is nearly flush with the link, taking care not to push the cap into the link. 

More of a visual learner? Check out the video below. 


If you're having trouble getting the fit of your band just right, we have a range of spare parts that may help (including 3/4 links). Just email [email protected] with your band details and updated shipping address and someone from our team will help you from there.

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