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My Nomad AccountUpdated 9 months ago

Log in

If you have already created a Nomad account, you can log in by scrolling all the way down to the footer on any page of our website,, and selecting 'Log In', or you can go here.

Create a new account

If you do not have any previous orders and do not yet have a Nomad account, you can select 'Create Account' on the Log In page or you can go here to create one.

If you have placed at least one order on our website, then a Nomad account has already been automatically created for the email address associated with your previous order(s). You will not be able to create a new account. Instead, go back to the Log In page and select 'Forgot password'. Enter the email address associated with your previous order(s) to set up a new password for your Nomad account. Once your new password is set, you can log into your Nomad account to view all the previous orders associated with that email address.

Reset your password

From the Log In page, select 'Forgot password?' and follow the steps listed to set a new password for your account.

Account actions

From your Nomad account you can:

  • View the order history associated with the email address used to log in.
  • View your order numbers, items, total, and payment status.
  • Edit your contact information and default shipping address.
  • Delete your account.

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