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Order TrackingUpdated a year ago

Track your order

There are a few different ways you can find your order status and tracking information:

  1. Locate the 'Track Your Package' button or tracking number in your shipping confirmation email with the subject line 'Your Nomad Order Just Shipped!'.
  2. Open the support widget in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen and select 'Track and manage my orders'. Sign into your Nomad account by entering your email address and following the verification steps, or sign in using your order number and email address. Select the order you're looking for. Its status will appear near the top right. If your order status is 'Unfulfilled' you will not have any tracking options. If any items from your order have been fulfilled, you can select the 'Track' button on that item to view its tracking information.

Potential delays and shipping issues

I have a tracking number but the shipment hasn't moved in a while

If your tracking information has been stuck in the 'Pre-shipment' phase for more than a couple of days, please contact our support team for assistance through the Help Center or at [email protected].

If your shipment was moving but seems to be stuck, please allow a few extra days for new updates to be posted to your tracking page. Our support team is happy to help but we only have access to the same tracking information that you have. We ask that you please try to resolve any issues with the carrier directly first. If all else fails, please contact our team for assistance through the Help Center or at [email protected]

My tracking number was canceled

Our warehouse may need to void or cancel the tracking number initially assigned to your order and assign a new tracking number. In this case, your tracking information will indicate that the shipment has been canceled by the sender. Please contact our team through the Help Center or at [email protected] to receive your updated tracking information.

My tracking information says the package was delivered but I don't have it

Please double-check the shipping address listed in your order confirmation email to make sure it is complete and correct. If your shipping information is complete and correct, please view your tracking information on the carrier's website to make sure the package was not returned to the sender. Please also check with your neighbors, mail rooms, front office attendants, etc. to see if the package may have been misdelivered by the carrier. If you are unable to locate your package at this point, please reach out to our support for assistance through the Help Center or at [email protected]

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