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Potential Delays & Shipping IssuesUpdated 17 days ago

I have a tracking number but the shipment hasn't moved in a while. 

If your tracking information has been stuck in the 'Pre-shipment' phase for over 3 business days, please contact our team for assistance through the Help Center or at [email protected].

If your order was moving but seems stuck, please allow a few extra business days for updates to be posted on the tracking page. We're always happy to help but we have access to the same tracking information as you. Try getting in touch with the carrier directly. If all else fails, please contact our team for assistance.

My tracking number was canceled. 

If your tracking number is canceled, it is possible our team needed to void the original tracking number for your order and assign a new tracking number. 

If the tracking number has not been updated within 24 hours, please reach out to our team at [email protected] to receive updated tracking information. 

My tracking information says the package was delivered but I can't find it. 

We recommend, first, ensuring your shipping address in the confirmation email is accurate. Then, check the carrier's website for tracking updates. If the package is still missing, be sure to check with your neighbors, building management, and all nearby surroundings. 

Please note that Nomad will not be responsible for any items damaged/ lost during transit or missing shipments. Missing package claim refunds are at the discretion of Nomad. 

If all else fails and you are still not able to locate the shipment after 4 business days, please contact our support team directly for assistance at [email protected] with your order #. 

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