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Rugged Case for Apple WatchUpdated 6 months ago

What's in the Box

  • Rugged Case for Apple Watch (comes with integrated Rugged Band)

Product Overview

  • Integrated Rugged Band
  • Hardened 315L stainless steel body
  • 1000 HV DLC coating 
  • Protective interior TPU lining 
  • Anodized stainless steel buttons
  • Specifically designed for 45mm/44mm Apple Watch (Series 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and SE)

Device Compatibility & Size Guide

  • Designed for 45mm/44mm Apple Watch (Series 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and SE)
  • Maintains full watch functionality with easy access to screen, Crown, and buttons
  • Not compatible with Apple Watch Ultra or Ultra 2
  • 42mm x 57mm x 11mm (stainless steel body)
  • Rugged Band
    • One size fits most, designed for wrist sizes ranging from 150mm to 210mm
    • 77mm length (buckle side) and 120mm (adjustment side)

Installation Tips

To install Rugged Case, insert your Apple Watch Crown-side first, then snap your watch into the case. To remove Rugged Case, place your thumbs on the left side of the screen (opposite from the Crown and button), then push firmly to release the watch from the TPU. From there, pull your watch out at an angle. 

Having issues accessing your watch's Crown? Try removing and reinstalling your Rugged Case a few times. The interior TPU lining will adjust slightly each time the watch is inserted and removed and will eventually settle into optimal positioning around your watch's Crown. 

Cleaning Tips

Clean Rugged Case with any non-corrosive cleaning agent just as you would your Apple Watch. If you frequently submerge your watch in water, be sure to thoroughly rinse out your Rugged Case and allow it to fully dry in a bright, sunny area.

Band Hardware

In most circumstances, band hardware cannot be replaced at home. If you have specific questions about replacing hardware, or repairing damaged hardware, please email [email protected]

More questions? Check out these FAQs. 

Will Rugged Case scratch my Apple Watch?

Rugged Case has a soft interior lining that protects your Apple Watch from scratches. 

Does Rugged Case protect my Apple Watch's screen? 

While Rugged Case has a protective edge that curls slightly over your Apple Watch, it does not have a screen protector. 

Is Rugged Case waterproof?

Rugged Case and Rugged Band are completely waterproof. Note, Rugged Case will not provide additional water protection for your watch. If you frequently submerge your watch in water, be sure to thoroughly rinse out your Rugged Case and allow it to fully dry in a bright, sunny area.

Can I swap out Rugged Band for other bands? 

Rugged Band is permanently integrated into Rugged Case so it cannot be swapped out for other bands. As both sides of the Rugged Band are permanently affixed to the case, this accessory may not be optimized for left-handed Apple Watch users.

Can I use Rugged Case with an Apple Watch screen protector?

The internal dimensions of Rugged Case's screen cutout are 38.5mm x 31.5mm. If the screen protector is within this range, it will work without any issues. 


Unsure what style and color you're looking for? Check out our DesignLab to preview your watch on any of our bands.


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Disposal of Product and Packaging

Packaging: The inner cardboard tray is recyclable and can be placed in your recycling bin. The outer box and attached foam inserts are not recyclable. These components can be disposed of in your standard waste.

Product: Should your product become damaged or defective, and is no longer covered under warranty, please responsibly dispose of the product at a donation center.

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