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Sport BandUpdated 6 months ago

What's in the Box

  • Sport Band

Product Overview

  • Compression-molded FKM rubber
  • 100% waterproof
  • Interior ventilation channels
  • Custom aluminum closure pin
  • Designed for Apple Watch Ultra and Ultra 2, Series 9, 8, 7, 6, SE, and all previous versions of Apple Watch

Device Compatibility & Size Guide

  • 40mm/41mm Sport Band
    • Compatible with Apple Watch 41mm, 40mm, and 38mm (Series 1-9 and SE)
    • Band is one size fits most, designed for wrist sizes ranging from 125mm to 170mm
    • 93mm length (pin side)
    • 112 length (adjustment side)
  • 45mm/49mm Sport Band
    • Compatible with Apple Watch 49mm, 45mm, 44mm, and 42mm (Ultra & Ultra 2, Series 1-9, and SE)
    • Band is one size fits most, designed for wrists ranging from 150mm to 200mm
    • 95mm length (pin side)
    • 135mm length (adjustment side)

For Apple Watch Series 4 and 5, Apple increased the size of the display of both the larger and smaller watch sizes from 42mm and 38mm, respectively, to 44mm and 40mm. Additionally, for Apple Watch Series 7 and beyond, Apple increased the size of the display of both the larger and smaller watch sizes from 44mm and 40mm, respectively, to 45mm and 41mm. Apple Watch Ultra and Ultra 2 both have 49mm displays. 

Although the overall display of the newer Apple Watches is larger, the area where the band attaches to the watch remains the same as the previous series for consistency in band compatibility. The sizes on our website now show '45mm/49mm' (which fit a 49mm, 45mm, 44mm, or 42mm Apple Watch) and '40mm/41mm' (which fit a 41mm, 40mm, or 38mm Apple Watch).

Please refer to the sizing chart below to find the right size band for your Apple Watch series and size.

Your Apple Watch series
Your Apple Watch size
Compatible Nomad band size
Ultra & Ultra 2
45mm / 49mm
Series 7 - 945mm45mm / 49mm
41mm40mm / 41mm
SE44mm45mm / 49mm
40mm40mm / 41mm
Series 4 - 6
44mm45mm / 49mm
40mm40mm / 41mm
Series 1 - 3
42mm45mm / 49mm
38mm40mm / 41mm

Installation Tips

Attempting to install your Nomad band on Apple Watch Ultra or Ultra 2? Be sure to press down on the center lug latch as you slowly slide the band into the watch channel. Check out this installation guide.

Following these steps will ensure Ultra's sharp edges don't damage your band's lug latches. Note, even if the lug latch is slightly scratched from your first installation attempt, it should still lock securely into your Apple Watch.

Cleaning Tips

Sport Band is made of ultra-durable fluoroelastomer that is antimicrobial and can be easily sanitized with soap and water.

Band Hardware

In most circumstances band hardware cannot be replaced at home. If you have specific questions about replacing hardware, or repairing damaged hardware, please email [email protected]


Unsure what style and color you're looking for? Check out our DesignLab to preview your watch on any of our bands.


Nomad offers a 2-year limited warranty for all Nomad products with the exception of our cables, for which we offer a 5-year limited warranty. Both warranties cover any manufacturing or workmanship defects but do not cover damages that may have resulted from normal wear and tear, misuse/abuse, or modification of the product. If your Nomad product is defective, we will help you to exchange it for a brand-new replacement. We cannot guarantee that the exact style or product will be in stock at the time that your warranty claim is processed, but we wouldn't want you to be left empty-handed! In this case, we will offer store credit rather than a replacement. The store credit never expires and will be valid for any product on our website. For more information on our warranty policy, please visit our Warranty page. 

Note, Nomad will not be liable for any damages that may result from the use of any Nomad product. Our warranty does not cover the repair or replacement of property such as electronic devices and/or other personal property. 

Disposal of Product and Packaging

Packaging: The inner cardboard tray is recyclable and can be placed in your recycling bin. The outer box and attached foam inserts are not recyclable. These components can be disposed of in your standard waste.

Product: Should your product become damaged or defective, and is no longer covered under warranty, please responsibly dispose of the product at a donation center.

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