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AirTag Accessories


Leather Cover for Siri Remote

Easily track your Siri Remote while elevating its look and feel with the Leather Cover for Siri Remote & AirTag.

Card for AirTag

Card for AirTag is a credit card shaped AirTag holder that makes it easy to track your wallet with the Find My App.

Rugged Keychain

Rugged Keychain is built with a polycarbonate frame and TPU over-mold for use as your AirTag everyday carry essential.

Sport Keychain

Sport Keychain maintains AirTag’s slim profile and functionality while offering protection from everyday wear and tear.

Leather Keychain

Leather Keychain integrates the functionality of AirTag into your everyday carry in a secure, thermoformed Horween Leather holder.

Leather Loop

Keep your AirTag and keychain as slim as possible with this ultra-thin leather keychain.